Pre-Pharmacy in One Year - 04/15/2020

Category: Application
Description: For students who are planning to complete pre-pharmacy in one year. Must be completed prior to Sept. 1 of the first year of enrollment.

Eligibility requirements:
  • Admitted to Drake's pre-pharmacy program under the Drake PharmD Direct Admissions Program.
  • Earned college-level and/or AP credits during high school that equate to the following courses:
    • Biology (BIO 012) - 4 cr.
    • Inorganic/General Chemistry and labs (CHEM 001/002/003/004) - 8 cr.
    • 8-9 additional credits.
Once submitted and approved, students will be notified of the procedures and timeline for applying to the professional program.

If students are not admitted following the first year of pre-pharmacy, they may remain as pre-pharmacy students for an additional year. During the following year, they can apply to the PharmD program under the Drake Direct Pharmacy Admissions Program.

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