Curricular Change Policy: Course Change Form - 05/24/2023

Category: Change
Description: The Guidelines for Curricular Change Change Policy includes the following with regard to course changes:

Changes in Existing Core or Elective Courses

Requests for changes in an existing core or elective course should be made using the Course Change Proposal guidelines. AAC review of the proposal will include assessment of impact on each curricular area and on curricular maps, and the overall merit of the proposal.

AAC will make a recommendation about action to be taken on changes in core courses; a final decision will be made by a majority vote of faculty. AAC will make the final decision about action to be taken on changes in elective courses.

Complete this form to submit a course change.  Once completed, email the form to the current Academic Affairs Chair with a copy to the Associate Dean and your Dept Chair.  Forms are due on Sept 1 for Spring courses, Feb. 1 for Fall courses. 

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