Credit Overload Request Form - 04/26/2023

Category: Application

Credit Overload Request Procedure for Students: 

1. Complete and submit the Credit Overload Request Form prior to registration day/time. This form must be completed prior to the conclusion of the second week of the semester

2. The Credit Overload Request Form will be reviewed by the CPHS Dean's Office. Students will receive a confirmation email once the form is reviewed and processed.

3. Overload fee waiver requests are reviewed in the first weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Students waiting on the review of their overload fee waiver request should not pay the overload fee but wait for the review process to be carried out and the fee to be removed by Student Account Services.

4. Overload Fee Waiver requests made after the third week of a fall or spring semester will not be considered and the student will be responsible for the fee incurred.

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