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3+2 BS in Health Sciences-Clinical and Applied Sciences/Master of Athletic Training

Information follows below for the 3+2 BS in Health Sciences-Pre- AT/Master of Athletic Training program. Students will apply in the fall of their third year for the MAT program. Students who wish to follow a 4 year BS in Health Sciences degree plan that prepares one to apply for the MAT program may click here.

Once admitted to the professional athletic training program, students will complete the two years of master's level requirements. Click here to view the admission requirements and the Master of Athletic Training curriculum.

Pre-Requisites for the Drake University Master of Athletic Training Program:

  • Anatomy & Physiology (8 credits)
  • Chemistry (4 credits)
  • Statistics
  • Biological Sciences (4 credits)
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Physics
  • Public Speaking
  • College Writing
  • Medical Terminology
  • Nutrition

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First Year
BIO 012/LPre-professional Biology I & Lab (LIFE AOI)4 CR
CHEM 001/3General Chemistry I & Lab (PHSC AOI)4 CR
ELEC ---Drake Curriculum/Gen Elec./Honors3 CR
FYS First Year Seminar3 CR
INTD 025Blueprint for Success1 CR

Semester Total Credit Hours

BIO 013/LPre-Professional Biology II & Lab4 CR
CHEM 002/4General Chemistry II & Lab4 CR
MATH 050Calculus I3 CR

Semester Total Credit Hours

Second Year
ELEC ---Drake Curriculum/General Electives/Honors6 CR
HSCI 141/LHuman Anatomy/Lab4 CR
HSCI 102*Health Economics13 CR
PSY 001Intro Psychology4 CR

Semester Total Credit Hours

HSCI 060Stats in Health Sciences4 (CRIT AOI)3 CR
HSCI 025*Introduction to the US Health Care System3 CR
HSCI 106*Culture Care & Hlth Lit3(GLOB/CITZ AOI)3 CR
HSCI 125/LPhysiology/Lab24 CR
P-ELEC ---Professional Elective (HSCI 149)3 CR

Semester Total Credit Hours

Third Year
HSCI 055*Innovation & Leadership in Health Sciences3 CR
P-ELEC ---Professional Elective (BIO 133/L)4 CR
P-ELEC ---Professional Elective (BIO 134/L)4 CR
PHY 011Gen Physics I4 CR

Semester Total Credit Hours

ELEC ---Drake Curriculum/General Elective[ENG 037(CITZ)]/Honors3 CR
ELEC ---Drake Curriculum/General Elective/Honors3 CR
HSCI 095Medical Terminology1 CR
HSCI 105*Values & Ethics in Health Sciences (VE AOI)3 CR
P-ELEC ---Professional Elective (HSCI 107)3 CR
P-ELEC ---Professional Electives (PHAR 126)2 CR

Semester Total Credit Hours

Total Program Hours: 96

Program Notes:

CLICK HERE to view the curriculum for the Master of Athletic Training program.

Bolded courses must be taken in the designated semester, unless prior approval by the College is provided.
*Asterisked courses are recommended to be taken in the designated semester, but may be offered in alternative semesters

1 = ECON 002 – Principles of Microeconomics can be substituted requirement
2 = BIO 129/L – Mammalian Physiology or PHAR 125 can be substituted for requirement (courses offered only in fall semester)
3 = HSCI 106 – Culture Care is requirement for HSCI degree, and may be completed in J-term or Spring, based on availability.
4 = STAT 060 – Statistics in the Life Sciences can be substituted for requirement

Drake Curriculum/General Electives (min 27 credits): Drake Curriculum requirements not fulfilled by required and pre-requisite courses – Artistic Literacy AOI and Historical Foundations AOI (2 courses), and Written Communication AOI. Engaged Citizen is fulfilled by ENG 037: Public Speaking. Additional general electives will be fulfilled by MSAT coursework.

Professional Electives (min 22 credits): Courses below may be used to fulfill the elective categories; other courses may be used as approved. A minimum of 16 professional electives must be completed at the undergraduate level. Additional professional electives will be completed through the MAT program at Drake. If admitted to the Drake MAT Program, required credit minimums in Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences Professional Electives are waived.

HSCI Undergraduate Courses
BIO 133/L – Kinesiology & Lab – 4 cr.
BIO 134/L – Exercise Physiology & Lab – 4 cr.
HSCI 107 – Skeletal Muscle Structure & Function – 3 cr.
HSCI 149 – Intro to Athletic Training & Sports Medicine – 3 cr.
PHAR 126 – Principles of Nutrition – 2 cr.

AT Graduate Courses
HSCI 263 – Pharmacology for Future Hlth Professionals – 3 cr.
PHAR 132 – Pathophysiology – 3 cr.

HS-C Track Requirements HS-C with MS AT Prerequisites Fulfilled by MS Athletic Training Course Work
Required Prof. Electives 22 cr. 16 cr. 6 cr. (HSCI 263 and PHAR 132)
HSCI 196 & 197: Health Sciences Internships I & II 6 cr. 0 cr. 6 cr. (ATHL 161 & 162 Level IA & IB Clinical Experiences)
HSCI 155 - Guided Research in Health Sciences I & II 4 cr. 0 cr. 4 cr. from ATS Series

Professional Electives Policy: Core curricula of CPHS degree programs may require professional elective courses that permit exploration of and/or advanced study in areas of professional interest within the student’s primary degree. Professional electives provide the student with an opportunity to not only pursue areas of intellectual interest, but also to develop an individual “brand” that may benefit them in their professional or academic future. Students who desire to have a non-approved electives count toward professional elective credit should apply for an exception to program policy prior to taking the course whenever possible. Professional electives must be taken for a grade unless the course is designed as credit/no credit. Students should refer to their degree audit for determination of the total number of required professional electives. Students should review the student handbook for the complete professional elective policy and details specific to their degree program.

The BS in Health Sciences degree is earned following the completion of all Master’s degree requirements.