Credit Overload Request Form - 4/4/2014


Students who wish to register for over 18 credit hours will be charged an overload fee (see tuition and fees).  In addition, students will need to seek permission from their Dean's Office prior to registration by completing the form linked below as myDrake will not allow registration for more than 18 credits without this permission.  Limiting enrollments will help ensure fair selection of courses for all students.

*Pre-pharmacy and pharmacy students only need to complete the form if registering for more than 18 hours.


Students who must register for more than 18 hours in a given semester may request an overload fee waiver under the following conditions:

1)  Requests must be made prior to the end of the second week of classes.
2)  Requests can only be made for overload required by the pharmacy program
3)  Requests cannot be considered when courses are being repeated.

To request an overload fee waiver, please send an email to Michael Nelson at  Please note that completion of the 18 hours or more form available below does NOT ensure that a tuition waiver will be applied; a separate email must be sent. The process includes verification of registration and approval by the Dean and Provost.  If approval is granted, a credit will appear on the bill in myDrake.

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