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Alexander, Sarah    Compliance Coordinator     Staff
Allen-McHugh, Rachel    OTD Lab Manager     Occupational Therapy Doctorate
   Andreski, Michael     Associate Professor of Social and Administrative Pharmacy     Pharmaceutical & Admin. Sciences
Bachmann, Joy    Animal Care Technician     Staff
   Batten, Jill    Director of Student Affairs     Staff
   Bell, Edward    Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Department of Clinical Sciences      Clinical Sciences
   Bottenberg, Michelle    Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Director of the Pharmacy Skills and Applications Course Series     Clinical Sciences
   Bowen, Steve    Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy     Occupational Therapy Doctorate
   Brady, Megan    Director of Health Sciences Experiential/ Assistant Professor of Health Sciences     Health Sciences
   Bryant, Ginelle     Assistant Professor, Ambulatory Care     Clinical Sciences
   Caligiuri, Frank    Clinical Associate Professor     Clinical Sciences
   Chase, Marilea    Office Manager     Staff
   Chesnut, Renae     Dean     Clinical Sciences
   Chibnall, Dan    STEM Librarian      N/A
   Clarke, Cheryl    Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs and Director of Experiential Education     Clinical Sciences
   Daly, Mike    Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice     N/A
   Diehl, Beth    Instructor of Pharmacy Practice     Clinical Sciences
   Dy-Boarman, Eliza    Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice     Clinical Sciences
   Eastman, Darla Klug    Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice     Clinical Sciences
   Evans, Kate    Professional and Career Development Services Coordinator     Staff
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